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A traumatic experience produces emotional shock and may cause many emotional problems. This article describes some of the common reactions people have after a trauma. Because everyone responds differently to traumatic events, you may have some of these reactions more than others, and some you may not have at all.

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Understanding the Effects of Trauma on Health

A growing body of research shows that experiencing traumatic events increases an individual’s risk of long-term physical and behavioral health issues. As health care providers and policymakers begin to understand these connections, trauma-informed approaches to care are being adopted as a crucial aspect of high-quality healthcare in hopes of improving patient engagement and outcomes while lowering costs

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Trauma: Children Coping Parents Death

Losing a parent is difficult at any age, but for a child the loss can seem almost unbearable. Children get their sense of security from the adults who love and care for them, so the death of a parent can make them feel very afraid and vulnerable even if they aren’t old enough to put their feelings into words. A child’s reaction to the death of a parent may be different depending on the age and personality of the child. But children of all ages always need extra love and support after such a painful event. You can help by showing that you understand how much the death hurts and remembering that children, like adults, need to grieve in their own way and on their own timetable.

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Trauma: Helping the Children With Parents' Divorce

Going through the process of divorce is a challenging life transition for both parents and children. During their parents’ divorce, children often feel a wide variety of conflicting emotions. It is very important for parents to provide their children with understanding and support. This guide provides ideas for many activities parents can do to support their children and help them work through their feelings, concerns and frustrations regarding the divorce.

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Suicide is when people direct violence at themselves with the intent to end their lives, and they die as a result of their actions. Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States. A suicide attempt is when people harm themselves with the intent to end their lives, but they do not die as a result of their actions. Many more people survive suicide attempts than die, but they often have serious injuries. However, a suicide attempt does not always result in a physical injury.

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